By Masque

Xena’s and Gabrielle’s Threads

When her eyes finally opened they rested upon the sight that she had missed in the last two days. It was dark and by the window, bathed in moonlight stood the Warrior Princess. Xena had not sensed that Gabrielle had awoken, her gaze was so intent on the starlit sky. It was rare that Gabrielle could ever watch her friend unobserved so she took advantage of the opportunity. Ultimately her desire got the better of her and she knew she had to reach out and touch the warrior.

Xena could sense the approach behind her, the nearness of her friend. She had experienced a number of emotions in the last couple of days that she was not used to feeling: loss, pain, grief, confusion. A new emotion had arisen in the last few hours, one she had not admitted to feeling for a long time, but she did now - she was afraid. Afraid of shattering a dream.

“You were right, it does look like a dipper.” Gabrielle said as she followed Xena’s gaze into the stars.

“No you were right, it’s definitely a bear.” An age old argument between the two, but something solid.

They both laughed for a moment but Gabrielle spoke, “Look at me.”

“I can’t.” Xena’s voice wavered slightly.

“Why not?” Gabrielle tried to keep the worry out of her words.

“I’m afraid.” Xena admitted.

“Of what?” She felt on the verge of breaking, but she wanted to stay strong for Xena’s sake.

“I’ve sat and watched you sleep for hours, too afraid to look away and then I did. Now I’m afraid to look back in case you’re not there, that this is not real.” Xena knew how stupid the words sounded, she was having a conversation with Gabrielle, but after the last few days she did not think she could trust her mind.

“Does this feel real?” Gabrielle stepped closer and encircled the taller woman’s waist with her arms, pressing her body to Xena’s back, “Does it?” Her lips brushed Xena’s exposed shoulder.

Xena shuddered at the contact. That did it, this was real. Xena broke into a fit of sobs, wondering if she would ever have the strength to stop crying again. She turned in Gabrielle’s grasp and wrapped her arms around the young woman. “Don’t leave me. I don’t ever want to be without you.”

“Never....” Gabrielle smiled against Xena’s neck as she whispered.

The word echoed....

The End

*           *            *            *            *

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The poem entitled ‘Soul Mates’, supposedly written by Gabrielle for Xena was, of course, written by me.